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Salmon Run

Once a year at bay to breakers, Sunday May 18th 2014: We run breakers to bay the wrong way dressed as 7 ft tall fish. We normally get treated like rock stars for a solid hour of Cheering and high fiving. This is for going the wrong way, being weird, creative and different by 50,000 other wackos. This year may take more guts than most. It will be a bit like the first year it was done before it was accepted. We start in alamo park hayes and Pierce. Directions for how to start your own costume party or join one of ours.... just call me Hallie at 408-xlounge.

Salmon Costume building party: I have a lot of extra suits but if you want to build some or start a costume party and want patters feel free to call. I may do another build party for this year.